Very busy and chaotic first day of March

So today was a very busy and chaotic day to say the least, but on the good side, I got a ton done. I got a lot of errands done and things done but more to do tomorrow like going to my appointment at the social security office and then! I got my cell phone back on today and I am loving getting texting and status updating on facebook..loving it. Have a great rest of the week everyone.
I have tons of updating to do tomorrow too and then I have until the 11th for my new hire orientation and then the 14th will be the start of the training for my job working with a mobile phone carrier..and the guy said that its 50cents more then what I thought and a min of 40 hours a week, long term year long and if I wanted to work 80 hours I can! Sounds pretty awesome and I can't wait. He said that if people just make it through the training/certification that lasts for 3-4 weeks and then a week off to work the billing calls and then back to training for another 3 weeks and then working after 35 days or so of working they  give bonuses of $150-200!!! I am so excited and so looking forward to the training!! I can't wait. And the best thing for now is that its Mon-Fri for weekends for now..yay! And my training will be from 12:30-4:30 or so which is perfect for me with the kids being at school and then I only have to be on training an hour or so after the kids get home so that will be good. Its times like this that I'm glad they are teens and can handle theirselves.
Have a great week everyone..


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