Needing a blog button

I am needing a blog button but I am having a really bad time finding an image to use and I also don't know the first thing about making one!! Can anyone help?? It can be something simple...a pic of a lady/mom like so many of the others I see out there but I don't know where to look and its overwhelming to search and not know exactly what for and not come up with anything!

I want it to say Lisa's Blogs proud wahm or Blog Queen Lisa I love that one (the 2nd one) I had a banner that one of my friends made me a couple years back but I can't find it darn it! It had a picture of a queen's crown on it and said The Blogging Queen .. yea thats what I want it to say...The blogging Queen Lisa or Blogging Queen Lisa something like that....can someone help? I would really appreciate it. I just want to have a button on my site so for the ones that I get their buttons, they can get mine too....


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