There should be a law against trains blowing whistles past 10pm in town!!

I am frustrated enough right now with the issues and things going on and then I hear the wonderful sound of the train coming through town and blowing its whistle. Now its one thing to blow it maybe once, twice tops and keep going but nope not here!!! When trains come through here they have to blow it at least a half dozen times!!! Just enough to wake you up from a nice deep sleep!!! Ugh!!! Its midnight and the nutty train conductors come roaring through here blasting there whistles like its 7 at night instead of midnight!!!
I didn't get that much sleep last night, I swear every time I drifted off I was woken up by the darn train whistle blowing!! And I remember really waking up at 1:30 to a very loud and annoying train whistle!!!! I'm not the deepest nor lightest sleeper in the world and having issues lately of falling asleep and then when I finally do and get comfy there goes the loud blowing whistle!!! Stupid crap like that is just getting on my last nerve lately!!!
I am so ready to jump on someone about it!!! Someone in this freaking town needs to open their mouths and say stop it!!!! I can see doing it lightly maybe to let people know they are coming but to blast it a million times in the middle of the night is really NOT necessary!!!!!


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