Georgia considering making miscarriages a Capitol Crime!!!!!!

I read about this the other day in an email and I thought no way is someone going to be as stupid as making miscarriages a capitol crime punishable by death. At first I thought ok maybe they meant abortions? or something like that ... even though I am completely against abortions...that's another blog....Anyway, I thought how on earth could a person/human with a heart LITERALLY come up with an idea like that???? Miscarriages are something that just happens nothing makes them happen, at least that's what I think and have known all of my life. Now yes sometimes if someone is nutty they can make things happen BUT I would have to say that 99% of the time that they happen and thats just a part of life that none of us has control over. And for someone to take this into his hands and say that miscarriages are going to be considered as a capitol crime and that its punishable by death?? I don't know what in the world these people or person was thinking??? Apparently its a MAN and apparently he's not married, never been married and damn sure don't have kids!!!!! I mean come on now what the hell are you thinking to even say that out loud???? Really??????!!!!!!!

Here is the link to go there and read more about it and sign the petition if you like 


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