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Some of the benefits of working at home

You know when you first think of working at home, you might think, hmm this could really work for me and think that you don't have to work just as hard as you would out in an office setting, well that isn't the case really. Regardless of if your working in your own office setting in the comforts of your home office or if your out and in an office building, you still have to work just as hard. Just because you work at home and can be in your pajamas all day long doing the work doesn't meant that its any easier. The benefits of course of working at home is that you can usually set your own hours which is great if you have a family and children to take care of during certain hours etc. And you do have the chance to be in a relaxing environment and the chance to hang out in your pj's all day if you choose. I love that part of the working at home. You still have to be professional in the work that you do though, whether its on the phone being a customer service rep or

The show Undercover Boss, what do you think of it?

So have you seen the show Undercover Boss? It comes on Sunday evenings. I watched it tonight for the premiere of it and I loved it. I really think that its great for the owners/Ceo's to go out there and to go undercover at their own companies to see what really goes on and how others are being treated etc. I liked tonights and I am hoping to see more great episodes like tonights on through the season. Share you thoughts and opinions with me on the show if you watch it.