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My Friday...ugh what a freaking day!!!!

Friday, December 07, 2007 My Friday...ugh what a freaking day!!!! Category: Life Hi everyone. Good evening. I hope that you all have had a great day/Friday. Mine was .. stressful to say the least!! My oldest son not only came home late again but when he finally got home, he had a HUGE slice on his right cheek!!!! And there was blood on his shirt!!! I asked him what in the world happened and he said that he was playing basket ball in gym and this and that and then went he went up to put the ball in the basket or something and another boy came down on him and he felt something sharp but didn't realize that he got cut like he did!!! NONE of the teachers in the next 2-3 classes that he had even freaking

Huckabee and Bush things

Huckabee and Bush things Category: News and Politics Good evening everyone. I forgot to blog about this last night or else I would of done it then. To much going on and my mind is going around in a million different directions....anyway, I watched Glenn Beck last night for the first 1/2 hour and he had a conversation with Mr Mike Huckabee. I haven't heard to much to be honest from him so I wasn't sure how his views were/are on things etc. So I sat there and listened to him and I liked most of what I heard. I am still trying to decide on who I like and might vote for. There are soo many choices and I tell you I have so much on my mind that politics and the election coming up is a big part of whats on my mind but sometimes other things of course come first. So I decided to sit there and listen to what he had to say and I like him. It was said on the CNN ne

Gangs and Guns on my street!!!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007 Gangs and Guns on my street!!!! Category: Life Good evening...OMG my 2 youngest children came home this afternoon and they were shaking and both talking at the same time...I had to calm them down and tell them one at a time! My daughter is 10 and my youngest Sean is 9 and they came in here and was telling me that they were walking home from the bus stop (which is by the way only 2 blocks down,I THOUGHT it was safe and ok for them to walk just the 2 blocks down...HA maybe not now!!!) Anyway, they said that they got off of the bus and was walking home and there was another kid to two with them and my son Sean and another little boy was walking and talking about Spiderman 3 when

Spanking your child...whats your thoughts on this??

Poll Question: Whats your opinion of spanking a child? Should it be Illegal to spank your child on the butt or is that over doing it??? Options: I think that spanking of any kind should be Illegal I think that spanking on the butt should be allowed when trying to disipline a child I think that grounding and time outs should replace spanking Other Total Votes: 1 View Results Journal Post Good evening everyone. I have a question for all you moms. Should it be Illegal to spank your child?? I talked to a good friend of mine yesterday and he told me

Random thoughts

Good evening everyone. I have some things on my mind and I wanted to get them off of my mind. But first I just want to say..dang I had a NICE QUIET evening!! lol...amazing what a dvd movie can do! We got the movie Bratz in today from Netflix and Jesse had a cow like I knew she would!! She likes to scream when she gets excited...but its really funny b/c she always asks me mom can I scream and I usually say yea just once and she will let out the loudest and I swear LONGEST scream that you have ever heard!!! Shes something else. I put it in the dvd player on the big tv in the front room and her and Chris and Sean sat down and was sooo quiet I swear it felt like they were in school with it being so quiet. They all behaved there selves and no fussing or fighting or hollaring or anything for an hour and a half and let me tell you I ENJOYED IT!!!! Right after the movie supper was done and then Kid Nation was on. Next week is there Finale time flies. We love t

Mid Week

Good afternoon everyone. I have had a pretty good day so far. Got up this morning, woke Jared up a few minutes late but he still got up and ready and out the door on time. The other kids got up and ready and off to school. I fell back asleep for a few minutes, not even an hour and got up at 9:15. Came in here and surfed around the net and checked emails and things. Leon was asleep on the couch. He didn't get home til 11:30 or so last night. I got to watch not only Y&R today but also Days!! I hardly ever just take the time out to watch them both, usually wait til the end of the night at 10 and 11 on soapnet or at 6 on soapnet for Y&R. Anyway, I made a pizza, watched the rest of Y&R, its getting good and then got up and did some dishes. Leon got the mail in...Jesse got her movie today "The Bratz" movie and so shes going to be THRILLED to say the least when she gets home so that she can sit and watch it. Jared got home on time today (thank goodness) He wa


Good evening everyone. Today was alright for me. I got up this morning (COLD) have I mentioned that I HATE the cold!! brrrr....anyway, got up and came in here and relaxed messing around on the pc for a little while. Played a few games and checked emails etc. Leon took a nap from noon til 1:30 and then left for work at 2. Jared came home late from school.. He had to walk b/c the bus was late and they announced to ride another bus but he couldn't understand which one they said to take so he ended up walking home. Bless his little heart!! He got home about 15 minutes after the bus would of dropped him off so I was hoping that he just missed the bus and walked home and nothing else happened. Im a worry wart like that when it comes to my kids. Lets see what else, OMG!! I heard from one of my very best friends today, Brian. We hadn't talked since OMG like the beginning or middle of Sept when him and his wife was fixing to go on a cruise. So yea its been awhile and he had a birth

Good Monday morning

Good Monday morning Category: Life Good Monday morning everyone. I hope that you all had a great weekend and are ready for this first week of Dec 2007 to start. I can't believe that its December already! I have said it before but I cant help to say that again. This year is just flying by to fast. My goodness I don't even want to think really about how close Christmas is around the corner. Its FREAKING COLD here today!!!! We woke up to 27 degree weather!!! ICK!!!! At least its warming up a little and supposed to be in the high 50's I think today. Its 41 now...still to cold for my blood!! So me and Leon decided to get out LATER on today when its hopefully a little warmer....hopefully key words. Anyway, I can't wait to go to Wal-Mart, I put my camera in Friday and they said that the pictures should be back today. I wander what time they will

My Sunday

My Sunday Dec 2, '07 8:53 PM for everyone Hey there everyone. I hope that you all are having a wonderful evening and had a great weekend. Today was a pretty good day. I got to sleep in til 9 or so this morning. Got on the pc for a little while and checked things and then played a game called Farm Frenzy which me and the kids are absolutely 100% hooked on!! Lol...I've almost beat the game!! Its a pretty cool and cute game. I like it .. alot maybe a little to much... So I hope that you all enjoyed the first weekend in December...OMG can you all believe that its freaking December already?? I can't! Its been a nice weekend but I just honestly don't know where this year has gone! Were going to walmart tomorrow while the kids are in school and taking the bus there so that we can donate a couple of cans to the food drive thing they have going on and get some groceries while were there and I am going to put in my app there at the store since I went to it online and i