My Sunday

My SundayDec 2, '07 8:53 PM
for everyone
Hey there everyone. I hope that you all are having a wonderful evening and had a great weekend. Today was a pretty good day. I got to sleep in til 9 or so this morning. Got on the pc for a little while and checked things and then played a game called Farm Frenzy which me and the kids are absolutely 100% hooked on!! Lol...I've almost beat the game!! Its a pretty cool and cute game. I like it .. alot maybe a little to much...
So I hope that you all enjoyed the first weekend in December...OMG can you all believe that its freaking December already?? I can't! Its been a nice weekend but I just honestly don't know where this year has gone!
Were going to walmart tomorrow while the kids are in school and taking the bus there so that we can donate a couple of cans to the food drive thing they have going on and get some groceries while were there and I am going to put in my app there at the store since I went to it online and its not working right so the heck with it, I will just put in my app at the store fora part time cashier. This time though, I am going to put in certain hours that I can work b/c of the kids being in school etc. So I won't be able to work but something like 9am until 3 or so. I hope that they have shifts open for those hours, if not well I tried. I might go back to Wendy's or somewhere and try to get a job there, not sure. Leon's ankle and foot is bothering him so I told him he HAS to hold out until the first of the year when we do taxes b/c we have bills that need to be tended to and I am trying to do my best working online and doing some things but that just isn't adding up right now and so for now he is going to have to keep working and not to mention that I am not able to walk all the way to work, I have to be able to take the bus to work, I can't handle walking that much back and forth to work. He could of took the bus yesterday and didn't so thats his fault for walking up there and then walking around 8 hours and then walking home.
Anyway, I hope that all of you are doing good and will have a wonderful week ahead. I can't wait to get the movies in the mail. Im going to get the last Bourne movie and Pirates and then HP of course. They are on my list so that I can get them right away. I can't wait to see them all. I watched the first HP yesterday and then the 2nd one tonight and part of the 3rd one then watched Amazing Race which was pretty good and entertaining. The blondes were being stupid though and they needed to quit bickering so much..geez!
I guess Im going to go and look for some things to blog and then do some more surveys and things to get some more extra $$ coming in.
I hope that you all have a wonderful and safe week ahead. Hugs


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