Random thoughts

Good evening everyone. I have some things on my mind and I wanted to get them off of my mind. But first I just want to say..dang I had a NICE QUIET evening!! lol...amazing what a dvd movie can do! We got the movie Bratz in today from Netflix and Jesse had a cow like I knew she would!! She likes to scream when she gets excited...but its really funny b/c she always asks me mom can I scream and I usually say yea just once though..lol and she will let out the loudest and I swear LONGEST scream that you have ever heard!!! Shes something else. I put it in the dvd player on the big tv in the front room and her and Chris and Sean sat down and was sooo quiet I swear it felt like they were in school with it being so quiet. They all behaved there selves and no fussing or fighting or hollaring or anything for an hour and a half and let me tell you I ENJOYED IT!!!!
Right after the movie supper was done and then Kid Nation was on. Next week is there Finale already...how time flies. We love that show. We watched it then they went to bed and I stayed up and flipped it to CNN by accident going to another channel and forgot that Brad Pitt was on Larry King Live tonight so I watched it and I just have to say wtg Brad. I hope that he knows that hes a great role model and some of the other stars should come out and help and donate to. I hope that they do. They mentioned on there that Hillary and Obama both of there campaigns were going to contribute so who knows...I think that they might just be doing it to get more votes but as long as they put forth the effort and help someone get into a house I guess it doesn't really matter why they do it as long as they do it. Anyway, I am happy that Brad stepped up and is wanting to do something for those people. I honestly think that our own country let them down when Katrina happened.I think that they could of done more and done things faster then they did like with the fires in CA not to long ago. They jumped on it but they could of jumped on New Orleans just like that and didn't ...they just stunk at the way that they handled the whole situation.
Lets see what else...OMG the idiot that went into the mall today and killed 9 people including his self and injured 5 and I am sorry if this comes out the wrong way but I am relieved that he is one of the ones that are dead!!! At least he killed his self in the end and didn't go on around and kill more!!! I hate saying that, I don't want it to sound harsh or mean but dang it its the truth and then they said that they had a suicide note from him and he was 18-19!!! What the HELL was he thinking??? Where the HELL were his parents and OMG that young and the note said something like he wanted to go out in style!!!! That is just not only SICK but OMG just not right. What is the world coming to??? Now its not even safe to go to our malls???? I don't go to the malls anyway, haven't in a very very LONG time but still in case I wanted to thats just putting more doughts in my mind that we can't even go to the mall and look around and be relaxed b/c some maniac idiot might decide to go in there and start shooting!!!!!!!!!
So thats my thoughts on that..I am fixing to blog on another topic that ticks me off and I am going to put up a poll on the next one and see where people stand b/c I think that its outragous and stupid but we will see what every one else's opinions are to. The subject that I will be blogging on next is the spanking your child thing...should it be illegal? Is there a line to where you should spank your child or should you not spank your child and when I say where you should spank your child that means like out in public. That will be coming here in a few minutes...I hope that everyone has a great night...hugs


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