My Friday...ugh what a freaking day!!!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

My Friday...ugh what a freaking day!!!!
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Hi everyone. Good evening. I hope that you all have had a great day/Friday. Mine was .. stressful to say the least!! My oldest son not only came home late again but when he finally got home, he had a HUGE slice on his right cheek!!!! And there was blood on his shirt!!! I asked him what in the world happened and he said that he was playing basket ball in gym and this and that and then went he went up to put the ball in the basket or something and another boy came down on him and he felt something sharp but didn't realize that he got cut like he did!!! NONE of the teachers in the next 2-3 classes that he had even freaking bothered to ask him if he was ok or how it happened etc...what a lovely bunch of teachers they have at that school!!!!! It just happened and it was fresh looking when he got home so I know that there had to be blood on his face and it looked fresh to they just NOT give a damn or what!!!!!!!!!!????????? So my son has a slice cut on his face now that looks aweful b/c of some brat at school. I swear its wider then any finger nail could of done so it has to be a blade cut or something!! So with that happening today and yesterday with the gang and the guns at my 2 youngest kids I am about ready to get the hell out of this town completely. So thats why its been a HELL of a day and not to mention a stressful one. I can't even trust the damn school to call me and say hey your son has a cut on the side of his face but hes ok etc. Instead they don't even ask or give a damn. Kids asked him if he was alright and he said yea but didn't realize that it was that bad looking. Poor kid...I don't know about this damn town now. The gangs are all over, some stupid high school aged kid decides that it would be funny to come by our house and throw 2 rocks and break our windows and then now the damn slice on my sons face!!!! I don't know if we need to move OUT of this town or maybe just to another house but even if we did that would be safe???? There is SO much crap going on that I am scared for my kids. I swear if I had the money the resources and the patience and time I honestly think that i would freaking HOME SCHOOL my kids!!!!! Then this afternoon when hubby was getting ready for work and pacing back and forth being stressed like me, he opened the front door for my 2 youngest kids to come in and OMG the SMELL of drugs was sooooo much that it gave me a little headache!!! I DONT want near this shit I don't want my kids near it and something needs to happen to the idiots that are doing it....GROSS smell. So since I had so much stress on me about things that I guess it got to me b/c I was shaking and just outright didn't feel right so I just said the hell with it and told hubby to call in sick b/c I didn't know if I could handle the kids and things tonight with so much on my mind and being so stressed and trying to decide if when and or where we should move to and if so how and etc etc just a bunch of stress so I went thru here onlien and looked thru online newspapers and saw some of the prices on rent houses around here and off at some other places to. I still don't know what were going to do yet. We can't stay here like this. We are hopefully going to be getting the refund check ASAP since I do ours online and usually get it pretty quick (knock on wood) they had a ticker thing on CNN that said something about the IRS needed to fix something in the next week or something like that or else our refund checks could or would be delayed..yea so thats what I really wanted to hear or rather read!!!! Tax time is our Christmas sometimes like this year and its the time when we get to go out and have some fun and relax etc. So the darn IRS better get there heads out of there butts and figure things out and get things situated to where we get our checks on time!!! dang!

I have NEVER done drugs and I will NEVER do them. Thats just like smoking even cigarettes...YUCK I can't do it b/c of my eyes, they water and bother me to much with the smoke. I am glad that I never got into drugs that is just a horrible horrible thing to get into.

So anyway that is my griping and grunting and venting today.

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