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Good evening everyone. Today was alright for me. I got up this morning (COLD) have I mentioned that I HATE the cold!! brrrr....anyway, got up and came in here and relaxed messing around on the pc for a little while. Played a few games and checked emails etc. Leon took a nap from noon til 1:30 and then left for work at 2. Jared came home late from school.. He had to walk b/c the bus was late and they announced to ride another bus but he couldn't understand which one they said to take so he ended up walking home. Bless his little heart!! He got home about 15 minutes after the bus would of dropped him off so I was hoping that he just missed the bus and walked home and nothing else happened. Im a worry wart like that when it comes to my kids.
Lets see what else, OMG!! I heard from one of my very best friends today, Brian. We hadn't talked since OMG like the beginning or middle of Sept when him and his wife was fixing to go on a cruise. So yea its been awhile and he had a birthday to since then. He just turned 35 at the end of Oct. Hes an awesome person, guy and one of my very best friends. We have known each other like forever...actually since 9th grade and we dated for a few years and remained very best friends since then. I would do anything for him and the same he would do for me. Hes a great guy. So anyway he was telling me about how hes on a Bowling league and hes freaking good!! He has won a couple of tournaments and he said last night he bowled a 250!! I am so excited, happy and proud of him for getting out there and doing that something he enjoys. Hes a great did I already say that?? Anyway he gave me his email addy so I wrote him an email and I wrote one of our friends Scott and told him the email and I hope that they can email and keep i touch as well.56 They were friends before me and Scott were. Brian introduced us and weve been best friends since then to. I am so glad and thankful that I have some of my oldest and best friends still in my life. Some of my friends that I hanged out with in High School are on my myspace. Shaye, Retta, Shaye, John, Amanda, another John, Misty and a few others. I love you all and am glad that we found each other. I think there are still a few of "our gang" that is out there but I haven't talked to yet but would love to. Brian said that he might get on myspace this weekend or so. I hope so :) His wife has a site and I have seen it..its ok, she put pictures of the kids up but none of her and or him. I even have pics of Leon up on mine so come on now...and Brian is a nice VERY NICE looking man that I would want to show off if he was my husband so I don't know why she didn't have a pic of him on there but thats just her for ya.
So I am in a WAY better mood now that I heard his voice earlier this evening then I was earlier today b/c I had been grumpy and just moody. its the beginning of the month and mother nature if fixing to be here for me and I HATE it and I get so cranky and moody and just plain bitchy earlier when Leon was home.
I watched my soap Y&R earlier tonight at 6 on SoapNet. OMG they need to let that baby be JT's I don't like Brad!!! I wish that Victoria would hurry up and wake up. She needs to wake up and tell Mr Bradley that shes NOT going to name HER baby boy after his father!!! That should be a decision for her and JT since they are engaged...I don't like Brad!
Then I watched Nancy Grace at 7. I didn't or rather couldn't come back in here to my desk, I had 4 kittens on me and then 3 all bunched up on me sleeping. They were sooo adorable...a kodak moment!!
OH speaking of pictures of the trip to Las Vegas that I took are in. Leon said that they called yesterday and said that they were in. So I am going to go get them soon. I got the 4" pictures and I got them in prints but also on the cd and then I also checked for them to be put on walmart online. So I will get them soon and put them on here so you all can see pictures of my awesome trip to Vegas!!
lol...I am listening to KISS FM in Dallas..listening to it online lol and its called Dateless in Dallas or something like that and they are just freaking FUNNY on there looking for dates and some of the things people funny!
I watched Nancy Grace and some lady can't ever remember her name, filled in for her since shes at home with her adorable babies. Which I have to go look at the web site and see pictures of them. I am sure they are just the cutest things in the world. I love her dearly and am so thrilled for her that shes ok and they are both ok. How perfect to have not only twins but one of each. I always dreamed of having twins and being one of each. Shes one lucky lady.
Then I watched some of Glenn Beck after Nancy and Travis Tritt was on there. I like him. Hes a country singer but does his own variety of music some of it more upbeat then the regular country songs so to speak. I like him and always have, hes one of my fave singers. He has a couple of songs that are me and Brian's songs, well I say they are, not sure if Brian agreed. He said that Journey's "Open Arms" is me and his song and Bryan Adams "Whatever I do, I do for you" is our song. Anyway, thats that.
Hmm, what else..oh yea..did anyone watch the President's news thing this morning?? I think that we need to STOP worrying about and butting into EVERYONE else's business and worry about our own or were going to be in BIG HUGE trouble by some of the other countries getting upset with us butting in and they are going to come after us. I honestly think that we need to shut up and worry about our own country, after all doesn't being the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES mean just that?? Being pres of our OWN coutnry not every one else's or trying to tell everyone else how to run there country and or goverment etc. I just DONT like where this country is going and something else that concerns me to is the fact that hard working Americans are now starting to get foreclosed on!!!! They said that the number of foreclosures I believe since just last year has DOUBLED!!! Now tell me WHY they have???? I mean to be able to get a house to begin with you have to have GOOD credit or else you don't qualify or at least thats what our problem has been credit and anyway so my question is this, WHY are these people that have put down money and have or had good enough credit to get into a good house to buy it all of a sudden is what I call it about to be foreclosed on or has been foreclosed on???? WHY? Its because our country is giving jobs to others instead of us and were not making enough money. I think that the min wage should be upped since I swear it seems like everything else is going up. The rent, the bills, the gas both that the cars run on and the one that we use to heat our homes. Even the electric bills are higher and higher. Heck a gallon of milk is now over $3.50!!!!!! Tell me what is wrong with that!!!! I mean really I thought that $2 a gallon was bad but now its almost double that...just NOT right!
Ok so thats some of my ranting and venting for tonight. I wanted to go in the other room and watch my other soap Days thats comes on here in a few minutes at 10 on SoapNet...its getting good on there..about time!!!!
So I guess that I will go and watch my soap, Leon gets off at 11 so I will probably just go to sleep after my soap. I am getting tired, even though I have a ton on my mind to blab/blog about..guess it will just have to wait until tomorrow. Bunny is showing out and jumping and walking all ovder my desk the brat!!
Anyway, I hope that everyone has a great night...oh yea...I joined a yahoo group tonight called something about the yahoo new MASH, its supposed to be a social network thing like Y360 but its by invite only right I looked around and found a group for it so I am looking forward to getting an invite to it and seeing what it looks like.
Have a great night everyone and a wonderful and safe rest of the week...hugs


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