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Updating blog getting back on track

Good morning everyone, I have been MIA for a little while, well at least on here. I haven't been updating like I use too so I am going to get back on track and start updating daily or at least every other day. I want to get back into my blogging, since after all I am the Queen of Random :) Have a great day everyone and thank you for those that follow me.

Are kids responsible enough for netbooks in high school?

So I don't know but I am having doubts about this whole netbook thing. My kids are all teens, well youngest will be in a month and a half. And they are good kids, no trouble out of them or anything like that but they aren't all that great with responsibility of things sometimes. They have each misplaced there cells at one point, yes I know we have all done that but the point is that the schools are giving each high schooler (my son being a Freshman) a netbook and they are too take care of it and it is their's for the remainder of the time they are in school!! So since he is a Freshman, he will have it this year when they give it to him next week and have it for 4 years of high that asking a little much out of them to keep up with a netbook for 4 years and keep it with them acting like it was a million dollars or something I mean come on really? And they are going to be giving the middle schoolers there's next year. So that will mean that the 7th and 8th