Less then a week til Christmas

Hi everyone. How are you all doing? Good I hope. Can't believe that Christmas is less then a week away. Not really to much in the Christmas mood/spirit this year. Sitting here listening to my music of all sorts of different songs on my playlist thats on my cafemom site. Have the speakers turned up and the bass booming. Its been a tough week. I don't really feel that good. Just in a blah mood for the most part. We were going to put the Christmas tree up and come to find out that the poles for it are not in the box with the rest of it. The poles are the middle part and then the limbs that go in it..so that SUCKS! So we just decorated the windows in the front room, well Leon did with lights, garland and let the kids hang a few ornaments on the lights.
Leon is being have. He was playign with Sean earlier with his fighting toys and now hes in the front room with Jared helping him play a game online for an hour or so. It was nice out this afternoon after the kids got home from school so Jared, Chris and Sean went outside to play for a little while then came in when supper was ready and it started getting chilly. They had walked to the park but there was alot of other kids there so they came back home.
Sean is coughing not to bad but enough to need a cough drop now and then. and Jesse is sneezing up a storm. Just love the stinking winter time...NOT! Is it Spring yet??
I still need to get on the ball and do more of my 360 blogs to my multiply. I do about a month or so at a time everytime I sit down to do them but thats just not cutting it so I need to get on the ball and do more at a time like a few months. I wrote alot back then in 2006 to...geez! Almost 2000 blogs from the first of Jan 2006 til recently.
Not to much more going on here. Jared is taking semester tests this week. I think that hes doing fine. I haven't gotten any emails or letters in the mail stating otherwise so I am assuming that hes doing good like last 9 weeks. I am sooo very proud of him for doing his best. The other kids are doing great in school to.
I am looking for more work to do on the pc. I have put in a few bids on a site where freelancers put in bids on projects and I am hoping to get a couple of jobs doing that. Some of them end soon and others end next week sometime.
I hope that everyone has a great rest of the evening and week. Hugs to you all...thank you all for being my friends and being here for me and leaving comments and things to let me know what you think...I have lots to think about and consider....hugs


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