Blog Dare - Day 13 - A day in the life of my child{ren}.

So lets see a day in the life of my children...they get woke up by me at 6 on school mornings, get ready for school and do chores, go to school come home do there afternoon chores, homework and then they get to talk on the phone or text or spend time with me doing whatever we decide to do. Like on the weekends we will have a movie night and or a game night where we play games sometimes on the wii and other times board games. They aren't allowed to go over to friends on the weekdays. And even on the weekend they are to be home before it gets dark and they are too check in depending where they are going and who they are out with. They have it pretty easy compared to some! I had a lot more chores then they do at a younger age then they are! And I didn't have cable TV and or a cell phone or any game systems to play and use either!


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