My son's first night at his first job

I am so proud of my son. He went to work at 5 this evening and worked until a few minutes after 9. He said that they put him on as a bus boy. At first there was 2 of them starting and both was the bus boys but then after a few minutes they put the other guy in the back and let Jared stay up front and handle the whole restaurant by hisself!! I think that it was a bad call personally to let a guy start the first night of work on a Saturday night, one of the busiest nights there is!! Good grief!! But anyway he did that and he gets paid every 2 weeks and tips are distributed out every last day of the month depending on your hours and such. So he only has a little over a week to get his share of tips which will hopefully be a good little bit for him. I know that he wants to get him an Xbox 360 so that's a pretty good way to save up for one with the tips and working. Not sure on the hours yet. He has to call in tomorrow at 3 to see what his hours are.
He said that one of the guys was nice and trying to train him and was kinder then the other guy was older and just a butthole as he put it!! Yea I can imagine that some older guys can be pickier and all that but again then you shouldn't of put the poor guy on at one of the busiest nights of the week if you wanted things done  perfect or the best he could!! I am sure he was a nervous wreck and messing up yea because it was overwhelming as a first job and first night!!! Geez!
So after work he comes home in his shirt and apron..he looked SO cute!! I wish that I could of grabbed the camera and taken a pic of him!! Anyway he chatted with me for a few minutes and then out the door and over to a friends house to spend the night since they had already had it planned before he knew he was starting tonight. He's exhausted but I think that it was good for him. Of course he said that he hated it but he will like it better on a slower day I think and once he gets money. 


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