MIA for awhile but now I'm back!

So it's no secret that I've been MIA for a little while and the truth is that I've been working it seems like non-stop to get things where I want them to be but, as we all know I'm sure things don't always go and work out the way that you want or need them too right? So with that being said I have decided to NOT neglect my blog any further!!! I am getting back into my blogging and I am going to try my best to not only be better at what I do with my blog but to stay up to date on here and get more active and involved in things.

As you all probably know I'm a woman who just had a birthday....nope not saying my age! LOL...let's just say I am 40 ish and I want to stay that way! I am a strong and very independent woman that is on my own and loving it! Yes, its challenging at times but, really what would life be without a few challenges for us thrown into the mix? It'd be boring that's for sure!!

I am a very strong and Independent woman that works from home and makes my living working from home and no its not a thing to where I "sell things" or I'm involved in a pyramid scheme thing and have to bring others into the business etc. Not saying there is anything wrong with that, if you are that talented and good at it then go for it! Me, on the other hand I am a Customer Service Agent/Admin/RE Assistant. And I've been doing those things for years and its something that I fell in love with years ago and just kept on it and now I'm where I make my living from working out of my home office and take care of myself doing what I love - working from home doing Admin and CSR work.

So moving on....I look forward to writing more and getting back into the swing of things. I have a ton on my mind! Always have tons on my mind!! Yes I overdo my thinking sometimes and the stress gets to me but that's just a part of life, stress. Either way I am very thankful, grateful and appreciative of everything that I have in my life and everyone that I have in my life. I don't have much "family-blood" that I get along with, I've been known as the "black sheep of the family" so they can go on and live there lives without me and my kids and husband and my friends that are and have been there for me since as far back as I can remember. Its always been my friends that have had my back with no questions asked! They know me and still love me and don't judge me! All of my family wasn't that difficult with me, but, sadly all that was on my side and beside me and loved me regardless of things they are looking down on me watching over me and my own family and friends now. I miss them everyday! Grandpa, Uncle Bobby and my step-dad Bo that I will forever call my dad since he's the only dad that I've ever met and been around and he treated me like his own daughter. Love them with all my heart and miss them each dearly!! 

Love the ones in your life that are there for you daily and that are by your side and stand not only beside you but also behind you at times so that if or when you fall they are there to catch you, help you back up on your feet and stand strong again! Don't let the ones that put you down have the joy and privilege of being in your life! They are the ones that will miss out, that is their choice so leave them to it! They choose to be negative and put you down then they can go sulk somewhere else but, don't let them bring you down, you deserve so much better!!

Hugs, wishing you all best of life, health and a great rest of the year!!

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