Last Saturday of Oct 2007

Last Saturday of Oct 2007Oct 26, '07 11:31 PM
for everyone

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a great day/evening/weekend. I, on the other hand am cranky and grouchy. I am just not feeling to good and have had a headache since I woke up this morning. I took a nap after taking some pills for the headache and just woke up a few minutes ago or rather an hour or so ago and watched tv and I am still cranky and moody and just don't feel good at all. Not sure whats wrong. I am thinking that it might could be stress when I worry to much and don't eat enough and have headaches its usually stress. I don't know if my mom and step dad are coming down tomorrow or not and maybe thats part of it b/c then we have to really clean the house so that I don't have to listen to her gripe about the house. I am hoping that they don't come. I don't want to deal with her and a I have a friend that is supposed to be coming over tomorrow afternoon so I will deal with that rather then my mom and step dad.
I just griped for 10 minutes it seemed like at Leon b/c hes been in here ALL day long on MY pc that is supposed to be used for MY work and he decides to download some stupid ass game that he thinks that I will like, yea whatever!!! I play the games and uninstall them. I usually don't leave them on here longer then a week. My computer isn't that fast these days so I have been trying to stay off of the downloading.. I hate it when they take over my computer and put whatever they want on it or uninstall like Leon did my Dungeon Siege that I enjoyed playing and so did Jared, but I guess since he doesn't enjoy playing it he thinks that its ok for him to just up and uninstall it!!?? JERK!
Is it the first yet?? I just want the weekend over...the kids are driving me CRAZY!!! Especially Sean...he just knows how to irritate the HELL out of me!!!


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