Kids finally start school Monday!! YAY!

So this coming Monday my kids finally get to start school. I think that its totally ridiculous and just insane how behind and unorganized that they are with the schools here now.
They misplaced my son's paper so they said..but they didn't!! They just made us go up there and freaking sit there in the fancy fancy FANCY office that is good enough to have a huge flat screen TV on the wall but too good to have the old fashioned clocks on the walls!!! Yep not a clock on the wall in site! Instead they had a black thing scrolling the time, I didn't even see that but my son did. PATHETIC!!!!! And not only did the receptionist have a too much of a fancy freaking desk for a little counselor's office but she not only had a regular desktop PC with a flat screen big monitor but also a laptop!! Good grief!!!!! Then we go in the counselor's office and her's is the same way huge room, big shelves, circular desk, built in filing cabinets and a flat screen for her desktop and a laptop!! And the ladies were chit chatting and yea EVERY office has that set up and I am pretty sure that means that every teacher would more then likely also have both too!!! I understand wanting to stay up with the times but DANG really??
So we went to the Freshman orientation tonight and it was pathetic as well!! Nothing but freaking chaos!!! The ladies speaking in the auditorium didn't even wait until everyone was in there to start talking..that was rude!! and we got there a few minutes earlier then we were supposed to be!!! The parking was a freaking MESS!!! They had the people leaving from the 4:30 orientation and the people trying to come in for the 5:00 one!! NUTS!!!!!!! Parking lot packed so we had to park along the side of one of the drives that wasn't meant for parking on the side of but that was the ONLY other place to park!! Really insane and unorganized..still and they are supposed to start on Monday?? And when were sitting in the fancy auditorium they freaking had banging going on in the background still working on things!!!
And then the craziest thing to me is that they said that the kids will keep the netbooks for the rest of the years there at the high school!! So four years they are supposed to keep up with and take care of the netbook like it was gold! Then they said that it has net on it but some sites of course aren't allowed.such as Facebook?? What the heck really?
UGH! I just don't get it.
And hubby starts his Fall semester on Monday too so yea its going to be a busy busy day/week. 


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