Starting tomorrow its going to be chaos from here on out!

So in about 21 hours give or take a little I will be starting my training for ATT that I swear has seemed to take forever and a day to get here! I will be working part time tomorrow with my real estate job and then at 4 training starts until 10 6 hours of intense training..I know that I can do it, I am a little bit anxious about it all but I know that I will do great and it will definitely pay off in the long run and I am glad that I went ahead and did the fast paced course with the 6 hours a day Mon-Fri instead of the slower paced with only 4 hours a day Mon-Fri that would of last a lot longer and I want to get to working ASAP.
So in the midst of me working part time, training in the evening, helping Leon with his college and then next month preparing for the kids to start school and getting all there things together that they need/want and not to mention looking for a bigger better I am going to have my hands Full to say the least! I want to get us a place and get moved ASAP though because I want to get settled and situated as soon as we can so that I can get organized and get to work and keep up a great job. I love working and with the kids back in school that will give me my time to work just the ATT, will put the real estate on very very part time when the job starts with least until then I can have money still coming in to help out while I'm training and not making any yet with that...can't wait to start learning and then taking calls. I know that ATT isn't going anywhere so its a stable job which I am very very thankful for and with Leon, well I am hoping that he will go out and be able to get a job fast..hopefully at another DG and then Jared can get a part time job and get his things in order and decide if/when he wants to go to college and all that. Yep very busy and chaotic!


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