Drug testing for Welfare - what do you think?

Well personally I think that its a great thing. When you go out there in the real world and you apply for a job, nearly all jobs these days make you take a drug test in order to pass it to get hired, I believe that it should be the same way for any welfare recipients. I definitely agree with it and I don't think that its unfair to anyone. If your needing the help, ok fine then you should be willing to do a drug test to prove that your not doing any drugs illegally and you can get help.
I think its ridiculous that people can get on welfare and you can look at some of them, not all and but sometimes you can just look and tell that they are on something! I mean come on it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see some of the ways that some people look different then others (not prejudice) just talking about the way that people look/act when they are on something and know that they shouldn't be etc but they get away with it and still get assistance. That crap needs to stop!
I hope that Oklahoma passes the law and I hope that all the other states do too then maybe things would change!!
What is your opinion on it?


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