Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi everyone, I hope that each and every one of you had a great safe and Happy Thanksgiving. 

I am very very thankful for what I have, great kids who are now teens and not little any more. I have 4 wonderful teens, yes they are still a handful at times but I love them more then they will ever know and I am very grateful and thankful that they are happy and healthy. My family, hubby married to him nearly 17 years coming up this Valentine's day..yes we've had our ups and downs that's for sure but who hasn't right? So to celebrate our 17 years of marriage, were going to Vegas sometime maybe in March..we just have to figure that part out. We have a lot of things going on next year in the beginning of the year so we have to fit in the vacation somewhere! Its a Honeymoon that we never had but dearly deserve. I am thankful for the job that both hubby and I have, him working as the assistant manager and myself working here at home.

I know that things are rough for a lot of people and with the way that the economy is, I don't know if its going to get any better before getting worse but either way I am thankful for what we have and will never not be thankful for what we have. No its not the best house to live in but were making do for another few months and then were looking for bigger and better. We've lived here for 2 years and now its time that we need to move on since we've outgrown this house. I know that we will find bigger and better its just a matter of looking and finding that diamond in the ruff as some say. Not too sure that were going to be able to find anything here in town but it won't be that far away I'm sure. I have found what were looking for close to here so hopefully hubby can get transferred and the kids switching schools won't be that big of a deal or hassle..hoping!

Thankful for my family and my mom especially, she's been there for us a lot when we needed her in these past two years and I am very thankful that she can and does help out when she can. She bought a new house so they are getting situated in it and hopefully this weekend we can go see what it looks like and then spend Christmas with them.

Have a great rest of the evening and weekend..


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