Blog Dare - Something Controversial

Ok so this is a blog day and I'm going to write about something controversial.

Well the first thing that comes to mind is President Obama. I voted for him back in the election and I haven't regretted my decision as of yet. I think that he's doing a good job. I think that he could be doing a lot worse and I think that it takes a lot to be the President and with all the stress that the person is under, I think that he's handling it well from my point of view. And if I had to do all over again, YES I would vote for him again.

I don't like McCain because of some of the things that he was saying and wanting to do but I really didn't like him b/c of the way that he chose his VP candidate!! Not knowing her but for such a short can't just up and pick someone like that?! That was just ridiculous and I can't stand her so that was just the icing on the cake.

If she has the nerve enough to run on her own as President I will make sure that I vote again and I will make sure that its for the other candidate probably no matter who it is because as a woman, I would love for a woman to be President but I don't want it to be her!! She can't handle her own life. She can't even handle an interview with Katie Couric must less trying to take on the role of President..please!