Blog Dare - Day 6 - A tough decision

Blog Dare - Day 6 - A tough decision
I have had to make many tough decisions in my life and am still making them seems like daily so far this year.
My main tough decision is whether or not to remain married or to divorce. I don't like the idea of the divorce but if things happen and your not happy and feelings and things don't change after a while should you just keep living that life that you have lived for so long or end it? That is a tough decision that I am going through right now. I wasn't brought into this marriage as 100% in love with the person that I married and I am thinking that after 17 years that I deserve to live life the way that I want to from here on out and what isn't fair is that he's not wanting me to do that. He's wanting to work it out, wanting to keep trying wanting to not give up and wanting to keep going and living....that's his wants..what about mine? What about my wanting of me to be happy and my children to be happy? Where does that come into play?? Its going to be a tough year..I will get through it .. Its just another one of those tough decisions that are being contemplated right now in my life.....


  1. I'm so sorry you are having to go through that. It's one of my struggles as well. Although we made the decision that divorce would not be an option, sometimes I feel like that makes it harder on us. At the same time you are so blessed to have a man who wants to fight for you. I pray that you can find happiness and that hopefully that happiness will be with him. If it's not, I pray that you will be able to make the decision that needs to be made! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I can't wait to read more from you as well!


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