Torchlight 2 released!

So today is the release date for Torchlight you care? Are you going to play it? Did you buy it or are you going to try the demo?
It sounds pretty cool and especially if you like the first one and I like it because its only $20 and not $60 like some of the more recent games that have released.
Comment and let me know how you like it if you have tried it or are planning too.


  1. I didn't play the first one and currently have online date nights with husband on the game Flyff so I don't think we will be starting a new one any time soon. Please do post what you think of it though!

  2. Hi,I downloaded the demo but only walked around a little bit..haven't really "played" it yet. Plan on doing that today for 30 mins or an hour or so. It looks good and the pets that you can choose from are cool so it looks like a great game. will update once I played for a little while.


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