Just don't do it...

Just don't do it...hold a grudge. It's just not a good thing to do and you will eventually get over it and forget about it. Is it really worth it to continue holding onto something that makes you angry or upset? I don't think that its healthy to keep a hold of the feelings like that. It's so much easier to stay positive and just let some things go. And then that makes you the better person as well for not continuing on with the mad or upset thoughts.

I have had to go through A LOT in the last 2 years and to start off this new year..I wrote a letter to the person that I was holding grudges against for a lot of things that he's done and I wrote him a 9 page letter and just let it out and told him that I won't be holding any grudges and I forgive him for all that he's done. Not saying that I didn't do wrong as well, I know I did and admitted that. But I wanted him to know that I have forgave him...I won't forget some of the things from time to time they will creep back up in my mind I'm sure but, for right now I am letting them go and trying not to think about them because the last thing I want and need in my life is negativity and that's what he did to me..made me believe that I was nothing and not worth anything..I know better now and I refuse to return to the way that I was. I have grown and will continue on growing and going down the path that I chose which is a pretty good life right now.

I know that its hard to not have a grudge, its taking me a lot of years with him and more with my mom but, now they both are not on my shoulders as stress anymore!! I feel SO much better and just letting them go is such a great thing for me!! Love it that I have found myself, well still finding myself but, I have started that process and believe in myself like I hadn't before.

Have a great year!!


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