My goals and resolutions for 2014

This year my goals are to be a better person. I have grown so much in so many ways in the past year and I want to continue concentrating on me and becoming even a better person.

I am getting more involved in my blog. I want to join events and get out there and actually socialize by going to an event. I just have to decide which ones I want to attend. So my options are open for that. I want to try and go to more than one..I'm thinking maybe one in the spring and then one in the fall or something. But my goal is to definitely attend one.

Another goal of mine is to take the courses to get my Real Estate License and get my license as an Agent/Broker. I love to work in the RE field so much and I figure if I can get a license I can make more money so that would be good for me.

I want to take more road trips this year and in doing that I need to upgrade my camera and take awesome pics and share on my social media sties.

I am loving life and where I am right now, now if I just had a special someone in my life to share it with that would be great. I am a newly divorced single mom and even us single moms need love in our lives. So I am hoping that I can get together with that special someone..There is only one person that I want to be with so hoping that will happen and if not its okay I can remain single and free for the rest of my days :)

My teens make my life more fulfilling as each day goes by and I want to continue to treasure all the moments that we have together.


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