Sean's 10th Birthday

Hey there everyone. Today was a pretty good day. Got up this morning and me and Sean made 2 little videos and I put them on youtube. The day went by slow. Leon went and did his plasma this morning. He came home and took a nap, then he went and got the cats there big bag of food at dollar general. Then we got some "afternoon delight"  And after that I checked email and got hired on as another writer this time for $7 for 850 words and $8 for 1000 words way better then the other one that Im working for but I am still doing hers to, just slowly. With the $7-8, he will send me 2-3 topics to write daily by 8am CA time and I will send them back to him before 11pm his time in CA. He told me to do one today and I already did it and sent it back. I enjoyed it. Its worth writing that for that much. I can make a pretty good amount each week woohoo. As far as Paul (the one I was working for doing the Virtual Assistant work) well I quit him, no work and it just sucked. So I am sending him back all the receipts tomorrow and he said he would pay me and extra $50 if he gets them by Monday. So thats good but over with. We made Sean his cake after he got home from school. We made him Spaghetti that he enjoyed and I took 2 really really short videos of him blowing out his candles since my cam batteries were low and wouldn't let me take pics but did ok with the video. I put them on YouTube my id Lisa_2900

Me and him walked to the little store and he got a few things like a couple of can sodas and a couple bags of chips and things. He didn't spend that much on his self. He already got his presents from us, the 2 games for his gameboy sp and I am trying to win some chaotic cards on ebay for him for a late extra present. My mom didn't send him anything. She forgot usual for her. I had called her last night and reminded her and she said look on ebay so thats what we did and I sent a few links to her but hadn't heard back so I don't know if shes going to get him anything or not.

I talked to Lori this mroning on yahoo for a few minutes. Shes going out this weekend and doing the early voting. I looked up ours but I honestly dont think that its worth doing it here b/c they are only doing it Oct 31, Nov 1st and Nov 3rd and the hours are crappy, so I think that were just waiting til Election Day here and walk a couple of blocks and go and vote at the Church. I dont think that the lines could possibly be that bad there. Early that mroning is when we plan on going after the kids get on the bus around 8:30ish. Can't wait!

Guess thats about it now. It was cloudy and cool for most of the day. This morning it was 55 outside and it said it felt like 49!! Its still cool now. I had the windows opened most of the day. Felt pretty good.

I hope that you all have a great rest of the night and week. I am going to be getting up early in the morning and writing. Have a good night everyone..hugs