Life is good!!

Good evening everyone,

And life is good right now because I appreciate life. Appreciate my children, my life, my friends and my family.

If only she wasn't so selfish she could have a home of her own right now and bills in her name and living life the way that Im sure she wants to which isn't the way that she's living now....

I try not to do personal blogs on here to much but I am going to go ahead and do this one on here and then do another one on my myspace.

Just found out that my step-daughter is not here in Oklahoma anymore with her boyfriend. They went back to where he came from. He is a good guy I think, she is just not a good girl or good person! She only cares about one thing and that is herself! Completely SELFISH!!

She has burned every bridge with every person that she knows! She must of been pretty desperate to go back to his parents house with all the kids running around! She doesn't like kids of any age.. She might claim that she does...but she doesn't! She has lived with us years ago when my kids were smaller and she treated them like crap! yelling at them for nothing and not listening to me while she was in MY house under MY roof!! She's a freaking little brat and I hope that the boyfriend wakes up now that he's home where he belongs..I hope that they kick her to the curb where she belongs!! She is 22 or so now..she needs to GROW the hell up get a freaking JOB! She is always mooching off of anyone and everyone that she can for however long she can!! its disgusting really! She's nothing but lazy!

So that is about it .. I will say more in my personal blog on myspace...

oh but  yea if you ever need anything you know how to get a  hold of us...