Summer Blog Challenge - Aug 10 - Share a pet

Summer Blog Challenge - Aug 10 - Share a pet that you have or had in the past

I have and have had several pets...

The one that I have now is Bunnie..She's my spoiled white calico, she's an inside only cat. She is spoiled rotten!! I take her outside for walks when its not that hot out. I have had her since July of 2007 when she was a baby and she got her name Bunnie by her hopping around when we brought her home!

Freckles is our black and white baby. We've had her since Aug/Sept of 2006. Leon was working at a wal-mart in the back unloading trucks and saw her and she would always go up there and meow for food and water and they would feed/water her and one day she followed him home and has been with us ever since!! She's mostly my oldest son's baby...she's a beautiful baby girl!

Pumpkin is our orange cat. We've had her since Oct of 2007. Leon found her across the street in a neighbors yard and was sitting pretty in the green grass. He took her and brought her home across the street to us and has been with us ever since.

Snuggies is a baby that we've had for about a year and a half or so and he just recently died Monday the 4th. The heat got to him and he was getting skinny no matter how much he was eating/drinking. He was a handsome baby boy who loved  me and I loved him a lot!! He would come up to me and love all over me and give me nose kisses and lick me..I miss him dearly!!! He's the one that is black, grey and white with his buddy little butt in the box lid. And the one at the top...I found that one too... I miss him!!!


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