The Big Debate tonight - my thoughts/comments

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Big Debate tonight - my thoughts/comments
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Ok so here are my notes,thoughts and comments on the debate earlier tonight. O of course is Obama and M is McCain

The first question
Where do you stand on the financial $700 Billion Bailout?

O: Made points that needs to be done
M: Transparencies, options, this is the end of the beginning create jobs dependants
O: Optimistic 2 years ago he warned going to have prob wrote to treasure last year
O: Need responsibility not only in crisis
M: our Best days are ahead of us
M: Veto every bill that comes acreoss his desk citizens against gov wastes

Are the fundamental differences between the candidates economic plans

O: Earmarks process out of control he suspended them in IL $18 in Earmarks his tax 95% tax cut to working families
M: Won't look at Obama NOT ONCE DID HE LOOK AT OBAMA
M: Cut business taxes $5,000 to get healthcare

As President as result of whatever financial rescue plan
As President what will you have to give up in terms of spending?

O: Energy Independance, invest solar energy, competing in education, college affordable for everyone, rebuild infrastructures and eliminate programs that don't work
M: Cut spending, do away with cost contracts, fixed cost contracts, defense spending vital
O: We already give $15B to medicare and $10B a month in Iraq
M: SPENDING FREEZE except to veterans and national defense!!!!!!!!! (WHAT THE HELL ABOUT EDUCATION????)
M:$700B to overseas!

What are the lessons of the Iraq War

O: 6yrs ago opposed war, spent over 600B in Iraq, $10B a month in Iraq (b/c of war), borrowing $$$$ from overseas, use military wisely
M:were winning, same strategy will be in Afghanistan

McCain was TEXTING in the mid of Obama speaking and gritting teeth!

Do you think more troops need to be sent to Afghanistan?
Should more US troops be sent to afghanistan?

O: yes
M: hes not prepared to cut aid in pakistan

Threat of Iran to US

M: Iranian have a path to weapons put lethal groups in Iraq
O: Iran is terrorist, war in Iraq strength Iran tougher sanctions needed

How do you see the US Relationship with Russia?

O: Russia to Georgia unacceptable can't return to coldwar with Russia
M He looked into Putin's eyes and saw KGB, watch Ukraine
O: Rebuild Georgian economy, have to have foresight of problems, Russian/putin feel powerful, using 25% of worlds oil but we only have 3%

What is the likelihood of another 9/11 attack

M: we have a safer nation but far away from safe
O: Safer in some ways, believe we need missle defense, al quada in 60 countries, we are less respected now
M: he keeps saying Obama doesn't get it and doesn't understand
O: last 8 yrs admin in Iraq, Bin laden NOT captured, NOT killed, Al Quada still out there

I think that Obama did a great job and that he showed them that he can and did hold his own.

Now lets just see if they decide to even let Palin out of her room and speak for the VP debate lol with Biden Thursday..they won't allow her to talk to the press..huh... wander why??????

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