Making Ice Cream with breast milk!!!???

Making Ice Cream with breast milk!!!!!!!!!????????
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Good evening everyone. Well I don't know about you all, but here today it was pretty chaotic on the news! We have the $700B dollar thing that the president wants to pass and congress and the senators/reps who ever aren't agreeing and understanding why we need that much money and how why where and when were goign to need to come up with the ways of what its going to consist of and whose going to get what and how much and how its going to be used etc
Then to top things off....McCain takes it upon his self to pull off and out of the campaign trail and also put off the debate that took them awhile to agree on a date! That pissed me off b/c they don't need him in DC to stick his nose in on all of what is going on and if they do they can call him and say come on...which by the way later on they did that and the president said tonight in his speech that he invited McCain and Obama to come talk with them tomorrow afternoon. That would still leave PLENTY of time for them to have the debate on Friday night. Oh I was looking forward to it since the day that they announced it!! I want to hear what they are going to do and want to hear some of the questions that the people want to ask them and I want an answer not a round about answer I want a straight forward and clear answer. But as for now, McCain announced that he isn't goign there as far as I understood! CHICKEN thats what he is!!!!!
Ok anyway so to the title of this blog and why I named it that...Crazy I know. Well today on the news besides the economy tumbling and all that crap and the presidential elections and all that crap they had someone from the PITA or something like that, it has to do with animal rights say that Ben and Jerry was offered to make there ice cream out of breast milk instead of the regular cow milk!!!!!!! Can you freaking believe that??? I mean really who in there right mind is going to believe that and actually do that?? NUTS! So Ben and Jerry's ice cream said NO THANK YOU!! Thank goodness b/c that is just GROSS an not right. Now feeding it to our babies well of course that is natural and nothing wrong with taht but to even think and then to say out loud and offer to make ice cream out of breast mlik that is just NOT right!!! over there in China or wherever the baby formula crisis is going on. They are hiring nursing nannies to feed the babies and pump there milk into bottles b/c they are so desperate to feed there little babies with the milk going off the shelves everyday and then were over here in a financial crunch that is spinning out of control and they have the nerve to come up with that here...DAMN!
So anyway I just wanted to blog that and let you all know about it...NUTS!
I have been writing my butt off all day and part of last night. I am workign for 2 different guys now writing and one of them is keeping me busy with 10 articles a day at only a $1 each for now and the other one is $2-3 each. I did 2 of them last night and 1 $1 one for the other guy and then I have done 5-6 today...I am still going and I am doing my best to finish the rest up tonight and then start on more tomorrow. Sandy was goign to meet me on here but shes not here so Im sure she got tied up with the kids and is just running late so I decided to blog and get some of this crap off of my mind and chest. Oh yea and I am fixing to go to photobucket and empty out the pics that I have for Sept and then I want to go to YouTube and find that Matt Damon video and share it talking about Sarah Palin and how concerned he is. I think that he made really good since and want to share it with all of you. I got our phone thing today and I found our stamps so I need to fax the phone thing back tomorrow and I need to send out our voter registration forms tomorrow to.
Thats about it for now, I am sure that later on Iwill have more to blog about, always come up wtih something. Hugs to you all stay safe


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