Any other mom gamers out there?

So I like computer games for at the end of the day when I'm just ready to relax and like right now, not really many shows on that I want to watch so I play computer games to relax. I bought this one, hmm right before Christmas I believe (on sale) on Steam.

It's a really cool walk around (sorta like Sims) but, you don't do "everyday chores" etc. instead you run businesses and you can choose one of 4 professions to start in: Patron (farms, Inn, bakery etc), Crafts person (mine, tailor, bricklayer, carpenter) Scholar (Church, hospital and such) or a Rogue (Mercenary castle, Pub (yes thieves and so forth) and I just recently found out and was VERY excited lol to find this out that when you marry (you are trying to keep your Dynasty going.)So when you marry, say your a scholar and you marry a Rogue, you can build both types of businesses.  I didn't know that until just a couple weeks after I had been playing and got addicted to it! LOL!

You can also get involved in the political office. You don't have too but, you can make extra income a month if you get elected as well as your guild and so forth reputation will go up.

That's one of the very best games that I've bought in awhile!! I love others such as Sims 4! Oh yea, I was one of the FIRST ones that had pre-ordered that and was ready to go back when it came out. Debating on whether or not to buy an expansion. They have a couple of them out but, I haven't gotten any yet. I don't want to pay full price, gotta catch it when its on sale etc.

I also love other games such as a ton of Time Management games on Big Fish games and Gamehouse. 

I love to play WoW (World of Warcraft) and after a stressful day get on there and kick some butt with one of my horde characters when I'm in a bad girl mood...hehe its pretty fun! I don't have too much time to play games but when I need to destress I jump on there. 

I also have always liked the city building games and I'm one of those people that have Sim City and the newest one of that one which was hmm a year or two ago and the recent Skylines I think is what its called (pitiful not sure of the name haven't played it lately) and I also love the game Banished. Now that is an awesome game as well!! You take care of your people and watch them grow! Pretty cool actually and I have one town where I have nearly 100 citizens and let me tell ya its not that easy to do that! Takes time sometimes but I'm very proud of that city! :) 

So what games do you like to play? Is there one particular you just can't seem to live without or do you like a few of them? Comment let me know, I would love to hear feedback.

I'm considering making some review videos of me playing the games and putting them on my youtube channel although I haven't done it as of yet but its being considered. I want to try new things this year.

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