Houses that I found - 5 bedroom just what we need/want!!

So yesterday I was thinking about the house that I saw that isn't too far from us .. Were looking for a bigger/better house since this 3 bedroom isn't big enough for all of my 4 teenagers now..they need their own space and room. So were looking to move..I came across a house that the guy said could be a 3-4 bedroom, hadn't looked on the inside of it like a walk through but had looked in the windows and it looked alright..It comes with the stove/fridge and washer/dryer for $500 a month! And if we had our own appliances then it would only be $400!!! Well we don't have all the appliances but still that is only $50 more then what were paying here and this house is small!! So we were considering it...But then for some reason something told me yesterday to look online in our paper and I had been doing that but the rentals would come up 0 for the past few days so I'm thinking ok why do that?? Hmm but ok so I did it anyway and about the 2-3rd ad down there is an ad and its for a it said 3-4 bedroom for $600 a month. So it gave the number and address, I called the guy and then I went by there and it was unlocked so I walked in and looked around, yes he's working on it and yes it needs the floor fixed in a couple of spots and painted, he said 4-5 days..I'm thinking at least a week...anyway I walked through and the house is easily a 5 bedroom!! And the rooms are so huge and big and the windows they are nice and it looks like its insulated good and the crappy thing is that neither of the houses is central heat/air so we would have to deal with the ac and heaters again but that's oke I don't mind we've been ok so far here for 2 years so I am thinking that we will be just fine there too.
So I came home after walking thorugh the first time and got my oldest son and showed him..he said after it gets fixed show him again...he likes it..his room would be in the back behind the kitchen and have a door going outside in the back so he wouldn't have to worry about the other kids going to his room or even hear them because the way that it is the other 3 rooms are on one side of the front room and then my room/office is on the other side to where I could work and I don't think that there would be a problem with the way that I work and talk on the phone and kids in the house..I think that we would be ok..I'm excited about it and hoping that he gets it fixed up in the next week or so so that I can go back by there and see what he's done to it to fix it and then get it!!! So excited!! I think that my uncle Bobby was helping me, yet again in finding a house in my budget, nice neighborhood and just our size that we need!!
When I first moved here..he's the one that guided me/told me to come across the street and turn and I did and there it was this house with a for rent sign in the yard and I just knew by looking at the hosue that it was little and or too much or something but nope it was perfect!!! At the time it was a great thing, we've been here for 2 years and just outgrowing it way too fast and not to mention the leaking roof in my room which isn't our fault but it isn't getting fixed anytime soon the landlord has too many other things and houses to deal with right now..and that's ok its not that huge of a problem as of yet..
So I am just hoping that I'm right and thins what I call 5 bedroom home is the one for me and my teenagers.


  1. Hey fellow Bloggymom, just like you I have teens and two college boys; life is a riot sometimes isn't it?

    Why is it so hard to find a five bedroom house that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!


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