Mystery Shopping - have you ever been a mystery shopper?

I was checking my email...yet again and saw this email from a mystery shopper place that is looking for more mystery shoppers. Well I was looking for something to do until my training starts now on the 25th I believe it is unless something else comes up (lets hope not!) So I was reading it and though ok why not?! So I am thinking into getting back into mystery shopping. I have done it before and no it doesn't pay a ton and no you definitely can't get rich overnight from it but, I love giving my opinion on things and would love to go into places or through the drive thru or wherever and do the evaluations again. SO I am thinking about doing that part time to do something while waiting for training.
If your interested let me know by leaving a comment or be looking for a blog with info about companies looking for mystery shoppers. I might as well put my opinion out there on things.
I have a few experiences at places where I walked in, ordered and walked out and said OMG if I would of been doing a mystery shopping thing they would so be fired or wrote up for a lot of things!
Will be sharing that soon.
Have a great evening everyone..


  1. I always wondered if that was real when I would get emails about it. If I could do it here in my hometown I would do it for extra money...

  2. Mystery shoppers are wanted all over the place..even in the smaller towns. I did a couple of shops in a town that had heck probably not even 3,000 people in it..there was a Love's and a Sonic in it and that's where I shopped...I love it! And in the smaller towns, they sometimes need them done asap and might give extra money just depends...also its not a lot of money just want to make that loud and clear but it is for real and you get back the few dollars that you spend, you just turn in your receipt (scan usually) but they do pay and to me its worth it...I forgot to write about my experiences about it but I will do that today and then I will also list some great sites to look at and sign up if your interested in doing it. Have a great day :)

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