Looking forward to gardening with my daughter

This year I am looking SO forward to moving and then gardening with my daughter. We have been wanting to do the gardening thing for a couple of years now but the yard here just isn't really that great and we knew that we would be moving so instead of starting something we decided to wait until we find a more permanent house (which hopefully will be pretty soon!) and it has a small yard but it has 2 fenced areas so one could be where the boys play and the other part can be our garden :) I can't wait for our adventure to start!!

We are new to all of this but I am sure we will do fine. We just have to do a little research as to what we can plant and things like that and I know that it will be fun and it will be some good mother daughter time with my 14 (soon to be 15 year old only daughter that I have) So hard to believe in a few months she's going to be 15!!!! OMG where in the world did the time go??? At least she's one of the teens (for now) that still want to spend mother/daughter time together and I love it and cherish it.

That is at the end of the year in 2010.. She's grown into quite a beautiful young lady 


  1. Thanks for Stopping by my blog @ Willow Blue!! I would love to garden too but I am afraid I just don't have a green thumb at all. My mother is really great at it!

  2. Hi, your welcome :) I'm scared too but its something my daughter has been wanting to do so were going to give it a shot and see if both my mom and grandmother's green thumbs have rubbed off on us :) Have a great weekend


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