Keeping busy busy busy!

I have been keeping very busy for the past few days. At the end of last week my work schedule picked up a lot!! I am now taking on 3 new clients and enjoying it! They are all part-time and we will go from there. Although, this week its been a heck of a Monday!! One of my clients said to take 40-50 hours this week to get everything done that needs to be ASAP! So I am pouring myself into that every chance I get while trying to keep the others at a good pace. At least they are all where I can do the work at my own pace and no really set hours..As long as I meet the deadlines were all good! And I absolutely love it because its all paying weekly which is a huge thing to me because of course I prefer weekly over any other pay period! So hopefully things will stay busy and I will keep getting constant work! Lets hope so!! I have plenty of things on my need and want list right now!!
Have a great rest of the week everyone.


  1. Congratulations! Good news is always wonderful to hear! And I'm with you on that weekly pay period. I don't work any longer but when I did that was my favorite way of payment as well. I always felt sorry for the people who got paid every two weeks or once a month. I had a couple of those kind of pay periods too and did not like them in the least!


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