Blog Dare - Day 28 - Something I use to believe...

Blog Dare - Day 28 - Something I use to believe...

I use to believe that family was special, I have come to believe that in my situation where my family is full of drama and BS, that I am keeping my friends as my family, they have been theree ofr me alwayss and will continue to be there for me. And I also know that my Friends, some of my closest ones, have and will atke up/defend me in a second and that my family won't, hasn't and never WIll be happy with me, WIth my friends they support me and as long as I am doing what I want and it makes me happy then they ARe there for me, family just love to upt me down since I was little no matter what I have done its never going to be good enough ofr them! And for me, that's fine!! I love my friends and will always be there for each of them always! I love that my Friends from back in high school are still in my life, very blessed and thankful to have made such awesome friends in my life and still have them in my life.


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