Hinder and Saving Abel coming to town too!!!

Good grief and then there is the rock side of me that says oh heck ya!! Both Hinder and Saving Abel are coming to town too!!
The thing about it is, is that we don't live in a big huge city. Were about 2 hours from Dallas and 3 hours from OK city so were just a smaller town less then 30,000 or so and so that is why I am so excited about seeing these guys because where we use to live in southwest Oklahoma, no one ever came too town there. Well ok I take it back, The Barbra Mandrell sisters did and I was there to see them with my grandparents and then I believe Charlie Pride was there too and I saw him, I know that I saw him at Six Flags but I think that he might of went to town there too.
Anyway I don't like blowing money on things like this...but since we have moved here so many good groups and individuals have come to town and I went to see Bret but I told myself that its once in a lifetime thing and if anyone else that I loved came I would try to go so I am going to try. If Bret comes back this year I am going VIP all the way!!
Hinder and Lips of an Angel are awesome and Saving Abel has a couple of songs out that I love too :)


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