The Bachelor tonight

So I don't know what in the world that Brad was thinking! Actually I really don't think that he was freaking thinking at all!!! Good grief! I am very very very disappointed in the fact that he had so many beautiful women there and he chose the most vindictive crazy mean psycho one there to go on a date wasn't that great though. I think that the carnival beat out hers and I think that the other dates also beat out the one that he went on with Michelle and not to mention that the other girls lol so nicely pointed out that the card that he wrote for his and Michelle's date, said "Lets Hang out together" or something like that and the rest of them had said something about love on it! Hahhaha I really don't like her. And then she wakes up with the freaking black eye and then says if he doesn't choose her that he might just have to give him a black eye?! Yea like that sounds like something a man wants to hear come out of a woman's mouth?! He hears about that and he is really going to feel stupid giving her a freaking rose!! Or should I say wasting a freaking rose on her!! Ugh!! I just really don't like her.
I am going for Emily and then the Ashley that went on the first date with him to the carnival, I like her a lot too. He better get rid of Michelle she is going to lose it before too long and I saw the preview for next week and it shows her on him and saying now I think its time to send some of the ladies home or some crap like that. He doesn't feel attracted and a bond close to her like he does with some of the other ladies by the way that he's telling the other ladies..I just don't like her and she needs out!


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