Making money at home, its not impossible!!

So I wanted to write and share with you all the ways that I make money from home. Its NOT impossible. I do it and I make good money. I just joined cashcrate not to long ago (banner at bottom of page ) and I have made over $20 so far. And that was doing the free things like the fill out the surveys and pick one candy or the other etc. Doesn't take much time or effort and you earn a couple of dollars for your time. Thats a really good one to start with and they have tons of free offers, so take a look, what can it hurt? Its FREE to sign up CashCrate
Now, another way that I make money is my favorite way, its blogging for advertisers. I am a blogger at payperpost and I absolutely without a doubt LOVE IT!! And with payperpost, you get to choose the things that you want to blog about, they don't choose them for you. They always have a good list of open opportunities and there min. pay for each blog is $5. I don't know about you all, but every dollar is an extra dollar and a few $5 adds up more quickly then you might think. You can do 2-3 blogs a day so thats $10-15 a day...even $50 a week would be descent and they pay you conveniently thru paypal. They have two referral programs where you can also make some extra money by telling others about it. So if you like blogging like I do or even like reviewing sites and products and putting your two cents of opinion out there click on either of the banners below and join today...its free!!

Now lets see, another way that I make money is by clicking and reading ads and emails. I have a ton of banners at the very bottom of the page to click on and check them out. All of them are free to join of course and you can make some good money just by clicking on ads and waiting a few seconds and getting paid for it.
I am also a new affiliate for some good companies. You can also see those little banners on the left hand side of the page. They each pay a % of the sale so that can add up good if you get your page out there and get the people to click on the banners and buy something. They pay pretty good. It can add up to be a good amount.
Another good way to make money is google adsense. You can see here on the page that I have some ads of theres up and the topics change randomly but most of them are pretty good topics that you might be interested in. Check them out. I also have a search engine on here so feel free to search for whatever your looking for on the net.
Those are some of the best ways to make money here at home. You can do it, I am. I am a stay at home mom of 4 wonderful children and the income that I get is from working here at home doing the things that I mentioned. Take you time and choose some of the things that you find interesting just like the surveys if you don't mind filling out a few questions with info then go for it and do the surveys, if you don't mind clicking on ads and waiting a few seconds to get credited and make some good money, go for it. And if you love blogging and giving your opinion about sites and products then do the blogging for money. Its worth it!!
I hope that this helped you all and I hope that you find something that you like, and go for it. Oh and if your looking for a prepaid credit card that doesn't charge to get it, but actually gives you $10 to sign up for it which is free, then check out the link on the left that says Obopay or click on the banner below...Have a great day!!

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