Last Saturday in 2007

So today is Saturday the 29th of December 2007. Where in the world has this year gone?? It has completely flown by if you ask me. Well, I don't mind really that it has flown by really to much. This has been a little tough of a year. It started out pretty good but then by the end of the year its just starting to come tumbling down all around it seems like.
I woke up this morning to Leon saying oh crap! And Im like great now what! Come to find out the last burner on the stove went out! So we now have NO burners on top of the stove. The oven isn't working either, it quit a few days before Christmas!! It will go on preheat and get a little warm like to warm taco shells but not cook food I don't think or else it will take 3 times as long because we had put chicken in it the other day and it took like half the day it seemed like to barbque chicken! So now we need a new stove just wonderful. We are cooking in the toaster oven and we don't have a microwave anymore, it quit around Thanksgiving or so. so as life goes on or should I say as this year goes on the bad things just come tumbling down.
I found a site where I can make pretty good money just completing offers, no not cash crate and I have been trying to do some of them and trying to get some cash in my paypal so I can order an electric 2 burner thing from walmart if they have one online, I know they have some in the store. So at least we can maybe get that and just plug it in and use them until we move..grr I hope thats really fast! I hope that they don't put off the refund checks that much. I usually have ours done and get the money by the first week of Feb or so They mentioned on the news the other day that they would need until freaking Feb to upgrade there systems! So I don't know, does that mean that we can't file until then??? Well if we can earlier I will and if not I guess we will just have to wait.
I am trying to do everything in my power to get things situated for us and to where we can up and move in March at the latest Im hoping and I was hoping maybe to move the week of Spring break so that the kids wouldn't have to rush and go back to school after we move . I just hope that we can find something where we want to move and something reasonable. I want or rather need to buy me a new pc with more MB on it, mine has 256 and I just got offered another job the other day after Christmas but they wanted of course the 512 or whatever or more mb for it. I have to get this thing upgraded or just go after a new pc so that I can get hired. they are sending out invites more often now and I needed the job. there was 2 of them to choose from, both csr both working here at home. One was $9.75/hr and the other one was $8.50 I believe. So thats pretty good money in my eyes to stay at home and work. I wanted to do the $8.50 one b/c it was dealing with a type of business that I would like/enjoy taking calls for (phone company) but I can't unless/until I get the upgrade. They both pay for the training and the training didnt' start til the end of Jan so I have a couple of weeks or so but I just don't know what to do. I had even thought about renting to own a pc just so that I can get the pc to pass the thing that it has to and then go from there and have the job and do the training and have money coming in by the time that the refund check gets here and have even more to move on. I am also wanting and trying to make money from a few sites and getting that money coming in, the question with them is how long does it take to get paid...hmm with some its pretty fast but others its a month or more for a little check that isn't really worth waiting a month over!
So I have some tough decisions to make b/c we only have X amount of money and I can only do so much basically by myself b/c i don't see Leon getting off of his duff to help out...GRRR! If he would of just kept his damn job until the new year then I wouldn't be this damn stressed out right now and everything being put on ME! I try to talk to him about what about if we do this and this and not that etc or what if I do this or what if I get this and that and not the other and OH hes a jerk sometimes, hes like you know what we got, you know what we need, you know what we want, you know what needs and has to be done so just do it...HA! Its just NOT that easy sometimes. It takes decisions and the decisions that you make omg if I make the WRONG ones then what?? It will all be on me and not him b/c he will say well you did it! What a man!!
So thats some of my venting that needed to be vented and so now I have calmed down a little. But still irritated frustrated and just pissed not to mention stressed but hopefully something will come up at the beginning of the year and then all the stress will be gone or well most or some of it will be gone...lets hope!
Have a great last weekend of 2007 everyone...stay safe!! Happy New Years!!


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