Hubby acting weird

Friday, December 28, 2007

Hubby acting wierd!
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Hmm, so I am wandering if my hubby has lost his mind!! He came in here earlier and said something about have you heard from my daughter and Im not thinking Belinda, Im thinking Jessica first just out of habit I guess, and I said what and he said Belinda and I said oh, no I haven't heard from her in a few days why? And he said can I borrow the pc for a few so I said ok and went in the other room and got a drink and was looking for a snack and came back in here and he got up and said thanks and im like alright. Then I noticed that he was in my myspace inbox thing. So I said what are you doing? Snooping? He said no just wrote her and Im like wrote her? hubby never gets on here these days except to watch youtube so when he tells me that he wrote someone thats shocking! So anyway he just told me that he wrote her and said that he was sending her his love..hmm ok..then she writes him back so I get up and he replies to her and I am telling you the darn man is getting up there in age, hes 38, and trying to wake up or something I don't know but something is going on b/c when my mom does things out of the blue and nice things and for me you know something is wrong, well its the same way with Leon, when he starts doing or saying nice things you know somethings wrong! When my mom does something nice otu of the blue and I ask Leon hmm wander why she did or said that and his reply is usually b/c shes getting older and wants to go to Heaven! now Im thinking...hmm wander if thats the reason that hes being nice lately...does he think that hes going to get some extra points and make it into Heaven to by being all nice to some that he hasn't talked to in awhile...hmm
So just thought that I would share that...hes unusually nice today...something in the air for niceness?? He was outside with the kisd the other day helping them with there bikes...YIKES is he trying to really be a "dad" now??!! I am proud of him for spending time with the kids and I even took a couple of videos of it and put them on YouTube...haha got him in the act and proof of it! lol..


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