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Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to say Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone. I am a stay at home mom of 4 wonderful children and I have been working from home and making some good extra income all year long. I work here at home. You know the thing is that all the get paid to read emails etc., they add up little by little and if you sign up for quite a few of them and if you stay on top of it and keep up with clicking on them daily or even more then daily like morning and night or something, things start to add up money wise. I didn't think that it was going to add up b/c some of them don't offer that much but it does.
I especially like blogging for money. I enjoy it. Its a passion of mine, I HAVE to do it on a daily basis or else I am moody!! lol..its sad but true, I am a complete BLOG ADDICT! With payperpost (banners on the left side) you can get paid to review my blogs and you can sign up of course for FREE! Its great when things are free to sign up and then you start making money very soon after you sign up. I love blogging, like I said, its a part of my daily life and routine. It helps me vent and get my head straight and my feelings out and not to mention that it gets my opinions about things out there to. With Payperpost there is opportunities and then you choose the one(s) that you want to blog for. They don't choose them for you. There are usually always over 100 opps available so you always have some to choose from.
Making money from home can happen, Im doing it. You just have to try and keep pushing it and put every thing, all of the things that you signed up for all on one site so that its organized. I figured that out not to long ago b/c I was having I swear like a million different sites to keep up with and I couldn't do it anymore. So this is the site that I choose to put the banners and things on to show and let you know that there are ways to make money out there from home and FREE.
You can be an affiliate for several places/companies and make money off of the clicks and or sales from that banner or site just from being an affiliate and they are free to sign up with .. never costs you anything.
Now there was a time when like some of you Im sure, have paid for the work at home things and you know what? I found out that most of them are either the same things just put into different words or they are a complete total scam!! SO I wouldn't advise paying for anything in this day and age. Like I said I have been making money and its come from the FREE things that I have signed up for not from the ones that I have "paid" actual money for.
Another way of making money at home, yet again you have to stay on top of it. Taking surveys, and yea you have probably heard this before, but you really can make money with the surveys. I haven't put the banners or links up for them yet but I am going to in the very near future. I think that getting your opinion out there with taking surveys and making money while your doing it is a good thing. I think one of the things I like best about the surveys is that most are simple and to the point and not really complex and you can get I think its like called roboform or something like that where you can have everything your name addy etc all filled in on the forms by pushing on one button...HECK YEA! I used to have it and hubby came in here and got rid of it so I am having to type in all my info any and every time that I do the surveys but that was really really handy and of course, FREE! I like that word free...these days things are going up and up except the paychecks so we need to take the free's when we can..right? Its always nice getting things for free instead of having to spend your hard earned money on them and NO I am not saying go out there and steal, Im just saying signing up for free stuff is a good thing and I was really into it back in the days when my kids were littler, not that there older, they don't need the free formula or diaper samples etc. I stopped that when my youngest reached school age. I got stuff and gave it to my friends that had kids.
I will be adding more things through out the rest of the year and you can Guarantee throughout the beginning of next year...wow that sounds weird to say...next year...2008...its coming up on us rather quickly and before you know it, you will blink and it will be here.
I guess thats about enough for now, so I will go and try to get the survey links up later on today/tonight while waiting for my mom and step dad to drop off the presents for the kids on there way back home..have a great day


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