Week is almost over

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a good night. My day was alright. It was freaking COLD here today! High only in the 30's if I looked at the thing right...BRR! I hate the winter time. Leon and Jared got out today, they went to the Dollar General and rode there bikes there and then got back twice as fast. Leon rode Jared's and Jared rode Chris' bike and then he stayed outside with the bikes so they wouldn't get stolen. Don't have the money to get a lock for them yet, maybe soon. The kids stayed in the house today since it was sooo cold. Sean was upset and asking if he could go out every hour of the day it seemed like...I took a little 20 second video of them riding there bikes out yesterday and put it on youtube lol it was all that my little cam would take is 20seconds, guess thats better then nothing. They had a good Christmas thanks to my mom for getting them the bikes that they wanted.

Things around here are getting a ltitle better. I hope that we can get the taxes done asap online again as usual and then we can get them back and start planning the move and looking for a car etc. I want the new year to bring good things for us.

So the new year is going to be here very soon. I have so many things that I wanted or need to do before the end of the year goes away. I needed to finish transferring the blogs from the 360 on yahoo to the multiply site and its not done yet. I guess I better get a move on that or else I will lose all those blogs and I will NEVER forgive myself for that if that happens. I have blogged nearly 2000 times in the past 2 years and I don't want to lose them just b/c I didn't take the time to do a couple of months at a time when I could of.

I have been adding, rearranging and taking off a few things on my blogger site. I have banners to some great stores that have awesome deals and clearance and all sorts of things especially the free shipping is what I like on some of them on the site and then I also put the banners at the bottom mostly for the things that I do here at home and make money on. I put the banners for them on there. I got a few referrals on different things so far and my site is getting around and getting some traffic to it so I am happy and excited about that.

I love the cashcrate b/c I made like $18 on it thats approved and that didn't take me 5 minutes to do that and then they approved me so I am thrilled but what ticks me off is that I was going to put in to send me my check and it says that you have to verify the phone and since mine isn't a landline phone now or a cell phone number, they won't take the number! So I guess that until I get more minutes on the cell I can't get that check yet so tahts irritating but at least I know that I have made money on there and am going to get it sooner or later.

There is also a card called OboPay that I have added on my site and a link on my sig on here, its where if you sign up and of course its FREE, you get a card sent to you (its a prepaid master or visa) and you get the $10 on it and then you can add on there and get one for your kids and spouse if you like. And if you want to do the affiliate thing and tell people about, they get $10 and you get $5 I believe for each person that signs up for it. So thats pretty cool money and when you sign them up the money goes right on the card.

I have been doing some other things to, the get paid to sites, love those. I need to get a few more of them going on. I need to go back to the project payday that is the site where I made $300 in less then 24 hours!!! I signed up for trials that were free or just $1 and got that money right into my paypal!!

I have tons of issues and things I want to talk about but I guess I have gone off the subject already enough to where I just need to write other blogs about the subjects that I want to discuss so I will do that here in a few.

Hope that everyone has a great night.


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