Christmas Day very early morning

Good morning everyone. I am still up and going. I was waiting on my mom to call .. earlier but I guess that she forgot about us and decided to wait until tomorrow (later on today) to call us and let us know if shes coming in the morning or around noonish or more towards the evening. She BETTER call and let me know something!
I just figured out how to add pics to the blogs thru the way easier then I thought. I had done it before but forgot exactly how I did it thats ME completely!
I just wanted to say that I am still up and going and listening to music relaxing while everyone else is fast asleep. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas Eve and I hope that you all continue to have a wonderful Christmas Day. Mine will be or well SHOULD be fine since were just staying home and cooking the ham for the dinner etc. Have a great day...hugs


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