Last Friday in 2007

Last Friday of 2007
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I wish that they had some newer fonts on here to where I could write like I do in my Incredimail mails. I downloaded it last night and at first it worked b/c I sent myself a test mail and then I started clicking on other emails and the darn things were blank! So I wrote to a group of email ladies that I truly love and someone told me what to do and I did it this morning and it works!! WOOHOO! I absolutely love Incredimail b/c of the graphics and backgrounds and things.
So my day has been pretty good. I woke up with kittens running all over me this morning! They were in a rambuctous mood today running all over hte house jumping all over everything! I woke up b/c one of them decided to run over the side of my face the brats! What a way to wake up!
Leon got up and went to the store with Jared and they got some things that we needed for lunch and a few other things. Then he came back and cooked it...yay didn't have to cook. Just not in the mood lately and with just the one burner it sucks trying to make a big meal. The oven seems to warm up things like taco shells on preheat but otherwise won't cook!
When I was eating I watched the end of Y&R ... hmm interesting new year coming up on there it looks like to me. Then I saw/heard on the news that the IRS said that they need until Febuary to upgrade there systems so no one will be getting there refund checks back until late Feb is what they said...GREAT! But like Leon said, get it done fast still and first come first serve on getting them back maybe sooner..I hope!
I need to clean up my room and get the papers and things ready for our taxes so that I won't hit any snags when its time to file them online. My room is a mess!! I hope that we can get them before the end of Feb and then look for a place and get one by the first of March and be moving then. Maybe if I worked it right, we could move during spring break and then the kids wouldn't miss school and could fix up the house and get settled and then go to there new school. Guess we will just have to wait and see whats available out there when its time. Funny thing is that I looked on our paper the other day and there are a few good deals here in town but I don't think that I want to stay here. I think that I still want to move to TX and be near my friends. Its getting bad/worse around here, I also read in the paper here that the other day last weekend I believe it was or Monday, they had a storage shed blow up in the backyard of someones house not to far from my sons high school and it was b/c of drugs that it exploded! It was a meth lab or something like that. GOOD GRIEF! So the more I hear about that kind of crap going on around here the more i want to leave. I know that Im sure that crap happens everywhere these days but when you hear it, its just worse then it happening and you not hearing about it. Anyway, I want to move closer to my friends and then maybe I can be more social and the kids to. They don't get out to much, they do but they don't have friends over or things like that and I want them to. They are shy kids for the most part and I am hoping that when we move that they will snap out of it and see me and some of my friends hanging out and hopefully they will get friends and start hanging out etc.
I can't believe that this is the last Friday in 2007...Any one have any plans for the last weekend in 2007? Us, were just staying home, we never do anything. We or rather I stay up and watch the ball drop and thats about it for my night. I will be either in here on the pc or in front of the tv. Sad but yea thats the way its always been. We don't have anyone to keep the kids and we really don't have anywhere to go and hang out so we just stay home.
It got up to 50 so I let the kids outside to get out some of there energy on there bikes and they enjoyed thereselves. Now they are back in the house. At least they got to go out for a little while.
I hope that you all have a great and wonderful Friday and last weekend of the year. Hugs


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