Wednesday, January 02, 2008

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Good evening again everyone. Well I watched a little bit on Cnn tonight about the Iowa Caucus that will be going on tomorrow. They mentioned the top 3 of the Democrats: Obama,Clinton and Edwards hmm out of the 3, I would choose Edwards. I didn't realize the steps that are involved in the caucus and I learned about it tonight so that was interesting to me. The democrats have to get at 15% to be in the running and if they don't, they are out of it. So the people that voted for the ones that are less then the 15% then have to pick one of the other candidates. Hmm, interesting, didn't know that. Anyway, so they said that it was a toss up or well looked likea toss up for the 3: CLINTON,OBAMA, and EDWARDS so we will see. They were saying that Clinton would rather be number 1 but if she isn't then she would want for Edwards to come in as 1 and her 2 not Obama and the most nightmarish outcome would be for her to be number 3 and the 2 guys to come in as 1 and 2.

For the Republicans, they kept talking about Romney and Huckabee neck to neck. I am hoping for Huckabee, I think that hes a good descent man and would be a good man to run the country. Romney, not sure about. And then one reporter person or analyst or whoever he was, said that they didn't even mention Guiliani until 45 mins into the show, so that hurts him. I think they were right when they were talking about him and said that he hurt himself basically by going to FL and not Iowa..we will soon find out. And they said that McCain is coming back up in the polls. I like watching and listening to the things about the election b/c I think that its going to be close. They said that its an open election and we haven't had one of those in 80 years!
I remember last election, it was on the night that htey announced the new pres and me and Brian was on the phone talking and at the time both of us wanted I think Bush to get it I think. My views of him have definately changed in the past few years.
Anyway I find it interesting to watch and learn and see who might get it. CLOSE election!! Ok I got that off of my mind, have a great night everyone.

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