New Years Day evening

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all have had a great first day of the year. Mine was ok. I need to make up some New Years Resolutions and stick to them. I have done my first one, which was to click on the free give banners, its where you click on the banners and give food, and books and so forth. There is a cool site called where you can sign petitions and make your own petition and things. I like the site. I found it last night from a lady on cafemom that left a comment and told me about it, so thank you to her.
I figure that I can't give financially, so I might as well take 2 minutes out of my day each day and click on each of the banners and give to those that are need. The least that I can do.
So does anyone out there have there own resolutions that your going to try to stick to this new year?? I don't have to many, but I need to think of a few more and make a list of 10 and put them on here.
I went to, which is Rosie O'Donnell's site where she shares her thoughts in blogs and pictures and things and has her own shop and things. I like her. I think that shes one of the most loving and caring celebs out there. I don't see to many more out there with there own sites and gets on there and puts there thoughts and shares there families with us on there blogs etc. Or maybe I am just not looking for the right ones, maybe there are some that do it besides her. Well either way, I give her credit. Shes outspoken and thats the way that we should be b/c keeping things dug deep inside of you don't help. They will just pile up and explode one day.
She was saying on one of her blogs that she was voted in a poll in some STUPID magazine the most annoying celebrity! I don't think that is fair or right! I love her, admire her and think that shes a good person, caring and loving and is a good fun loving mom. I just don't get where these magazines get those people to vote...if they would of asked me I wouldn't of said that for sure. I am sure theres other celebs out there that are annoying, BRITNEY Spears to name one!!! Shes annoying by the way that she acts soo damn stupid and shes a freaking mom and misses court dates that have to do with her kids and its just like she doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything!!! THATS ANNOYING!!! What about her sister?? Jamie Lynn I believe is her name...SHES PREGNANT at 16!!!!!! She just THREW her career out the window b/c of screwing up and sleeping with her boyfriend when shes a celeb on tv and kids freaking lookign up to her and then that is the way that she does!!! And where in the world is the mom and dad????? THEY ARE ANNOYING by not keeping there girls grounded to where they need to keep there heads up and be have and stop showing out...GOOD GRIEF! I like Brtany's music..well a few of her songs, the way that shes been acting I just don't know if I want to support her by buying her cd's...I don't think that she deserves my money by her actions that shes doing here lately. And I haven't bought any cd's lately, the last one I did was of course Bon Jovi's Lost Highway. I don't buy to many, I listen to them online and on the radio.
Anyway there are plenty of others out there that are annoying, they don't like Rose b/c shes loud and outspoken...well thats better then being quiet and cooped up I would say. I wish her the best. I love her!! Shes awesome and those people in the magazine can just shut up and leave her alone.
Anyway, I hope that everyone had a great day. Hugs


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