Last Sunday of 2007

So the year of 2007 is nearly over, said and done with it and will be just a memory. THANK GOODNESS!! Our year was alright but the end of it just plain SUCKED to say the least.
Does anyone have any special plans to ring in the new year? We don't, we never do. We stay home, kids usually go to bed or sometimes stay up wtih me and we watch the ball drop since its an hour before its actually the new year. I am looking forward to the new year, but I am hoping that its not going to start out like I think it will. Were having some issues right now and if things go the way that I talked to a lady and she said that they would...OH LORD! I am just not in the mood to be starting off the new year badly.
I just want tax time to get here so that I can file online and get it back asap and then get a vehicle and then start looking for a place to move to and get it and move and get out of here. I know that nearly anywhere that you move to these days in this day and age which is horribly sad, your going to hear about a shooting or a gang showing out or a drug bust or something along those lines. I was looking at newspapers online and good Lord! Is there really anywhere safe to live here in the USA!!!??? I don't like the little bitty towns b/c they are just to nosy and everyone knows everyone's business or everyone is trying to get into everyone's thanks! Then in the a little bit bigger towns well where I was born at with a population of I believe 25,000 or a little more there is more crap there iwth the drive by shootings and crap then there is here with about 80,000 or so people! There is drug busts and things around here but damn at least there isn't that many or I don't hear about them shootings! I know that drugs and guns both are bad but I think that someone doing drugs in there own house can only hurt thereselves more then going nuts with drive by shootings!! Because thats just an act of violence on innocent people most of the time I think. So I am looking into moving into a town in between the medium and large ones. We will hopefully get near where I want and then I will be happier and hopefully safer then here.
We had lived in Dallas about 7 or so years ago and I am telling you living in freaking Dallas isn't as bad as here b/c here they are throwing rocks at your darn windows and all sorts of bs! Geez!
So anyway, I hope that everyone has a great New Years. I will be sitting here when it strikes midnite and the new year is here. I will probably be blogging knowing me!! LOL...
I need to go and get all my blogs off of the yahoo 360,I haven't looked at it in awhile, kept meaning to but never go to it so I guess that I better check it out and start saving things before they are gone forever and as much as I write I don't want them all to get erased.
Hmm, as a matter of fact since I usually do the 360 and myspace I might just go and compare my myspace with the blogs off of 360 and if I missed some I might just add them in on here instead of going and copy/pasting them all on my other site multiply where some of them already are. Hmm DUH why didn't I think of that sooner!!!! I must have some of my moms blonde roots coming thru!!
I have a ton to talk about, tons on my mind. I wanted to do the top 20 or so things about 2007 like the top songs, top movies, top news stories you know things like that so I might start looking those things up here in a little while and blogging those.
In about an hour at 7, I need to get on a phone call to one of the things that I am checking out where I can make some money...hmm we will see.
I have been signing up with all sorts of survey sites and get paid to sites. On Panda Research I have $75 or so already and just need a few more dollars before I can cash out at $100!! YAY! I want to do that in the next couple of days and then hope that it kicks in and they pay me like fast and not a month from now!
Oh I wanted to tell you all about this site that I just found out about last night or the night before, its called I believe is the name of it. You go there and then you put in your city and state of where you live. Then you see if they have a group, which here they do, so I clicked on the group thing and it took me to a yahoo group and I signed up for it and on that group there are posts of wants and offers and you go there and if your in need of something, say a bed for example, you post to the group that your looking for a bed and then others that have beds might get on there and either email you or might post that they have a bed. The only thing is, is that its FREE things!!!! So if your looking for things anything from clothes to tv's to beds to puppies to tables you can get on there and post it. Isn't that cool??? And of course if you have something that you can give away to someone then post it and choose which person gets it and they come and get it...easy as that. I think I will make a bog with just this on it so others can find out about it.
Ok everyone have a great rest of the night and weekend...Im going to go fill out more surveys and rake in some more money and then get on the call and if its boring and not what I expected Im off of it and on to watching Amazing Race, which I might just bail out of the call .. just depends b/c I love AR. Have a great night everyone...hugs


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