The Weekend

Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Weekend
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Good evening. Just wanted to stop by and say good evening. I have a horrible horrible headache and so I am probably goign to go lay down here in a few. Me and Jesse were looking for some games to play that we haven't played yet, but being as I am picky and only like certain kind like the Diner Dash games or the Fashion games and things like that and mystery games where you walk around and look at clues, not the ones that are hide and seek and search for a long time trying to find something. Those hurt my eyes to bad.
Anyway, so did you all hear about Britney? I think that shes finally done it and hit rock bottom andthey have her in a hospital adn watching her so that she doesn't hurt herself and or someone else. I feel so sorry for those kids to see there mom like that...they were there with her at her home with a supervised visit I believe and then when the bodyguard for K-Fed tried to gcome and get them she refused and thats when the cops stepped in and had to come and after 2-3 hours they called the EMT and transported her to the hospital..GOOD GRIEF!! I feel for those girls both Britney and her sister Jamie...GOOD LORD WHERE ARE THERE PARENTS AT????????? One looks like shes goig through a freaking breakdown and has lost it and the other is knocked up at the age of 16 and finally came out and told after 3 months of being and knowing that shes pg and where the HELL are her parents???? I don't give a crap howo old you are or where the hell you live or how the hell you live the parents should have to be there for Jamie considering that shes freaking a minor still!!! So where hte hell are her parents at and how did they let this happen to her when she had a good career on tv on Zoey 101 and doing great and now this... her parents should of been there more and put rules and restrictions on her and maybe this wouldn't of happeend or ok if it was meant to be then fine but damn those girls are messing up left and right and the parents are NO WHERE TO BE SEEN OR HEARD FROM!!! Or am I the only one that hasn't heard and saw them??!!
I can't wait until we move. I want to NOW! The house by us, I swear looks like a mother freaking drive thru!!!! They got cars pulling up in front of there house and the guy and his CHILD in his arms goes out to the truck, opens the door and talks for maybe 1 minute and then shuts the door and walks to back in the yard a little and here pulls up car number 2! Where he does the same thing, opens the door and talks for a min and then they leave and he goes back in the house. He had a CHILD in his arms when he was doing that!! What a great guy he is!!! And hes old enough to be a grandfather I don't know that he is but the kids are young and the guy is older looking. So anyway thats ANOTHER reason why I want OUT OF HERE!
Our game is almost done, were downloadig free trials and I picked one that is a mystery one and want to see if I like it or not. BORED! So anyway everyone have a great night and rest of the weekend.

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