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Still up and in a blogging mood since there is so much on my mind and I am sitting here listening to music and trying to sleep but can't do anything but toss and turn so blogging time it is!!
College is going great! I love my two courses that I am taking. One of them is a little more challenging but its ok I am moving along just fine. It just kind of sucks that there is only 5 total grades and the final that's it! I wish that there was more but nope that's all .. So oh well! Love it though. I like learning new things and especially in the Real Estate field. I enjoy it so much and have ever since the first day a little 3 years or so ago that I first got the chance to work virtually with a real estate firm. I was a short sale negotiator and Exec. Admin..loved it!! I love working and especially in the real estate and customer service fields that I enjoy..very fortunate to like the work that I do. Not everyone can say that they like there job or love there job, I am thankful that I can and I am only making it better and myself better by going for my Real Estate license and by continuing my customer service in getting more experience in that field as well.
Things are moving along shortly I will be getting a new vehicle, well not "new" but new to me! I can't afford to just go out and buy a brand new vehicle but I am looking forward to going out and buying a better newer vehicle. I am moving up in the world and it feels so good to be completing the goals that I have set for myself. I love that I am doing everything that I want to do and more this year. And the year is not even half over yet which is an awesome thing because that just gives me more time to list more goals


  1. Sorry I am slooow:) Thanks for the follow! Now following back! Great blog!

  2. Thank you Loressa :) Better late then never..I appreciate you following me :) Have a great Friday


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